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Richest Man in the World, or…

Do you know who Andrew Carnegie was? Well, I didn’t, until I joined the Carnegie Mellon University a few years back. I do now know Andrew Carnegie as the founder of Carnegie Steel Company and as the richest man in the world of his time.

But 87 years after his death, I acknowledge him more for his philanthropic activities than anything else. Carnegie funded about 3000 libraries in US and many other countries. He provided a $ 2M funding to establish the Carnegie Institute of Technology which is part of the Carnegie Mellon University.

There are a few controversies sorrounding Andrew Carnegie’s shrewd business acumen and the way he established his steel empire. I think there reached a point in his life when he started thinking about his legacy and how he would be remembered.

I totally applaud Bill Gates for quiting his day job as the Chief Software Architect at Microsoft to devote more time and energy to his global health and education projects under the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Pretty awesome. Go Bill!


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