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What motivates tech teams

So what does motivate tech people? Here are some thoughts by Daniele Beccari:

Building expertise

  • regular shifts on different functional modules to learn different areas.
  • regular shifts on different technologies (.net, database, ajax…) to increase learning.
  • official certifications (MS).
  • training modules.
  • learning new skills from working with others (ex: good managers or other experts) is not often perceived as a benefit and needs highlighting.
  • extension into soft skills: project management, presentation, personal work organization;

Recognition from peers

  • feedback messages from peers and management: winning a new deal, positive comments from customers/partners or industry sources.
  • direct exposure to peers and partners on projects.
  • invitation to provide feedback on key decisions.
  • regular one-to-one meetings with N+1.
  • Feeling supported in case of problem/question – N+1 open door policy.
  • exceptional one-to-one meetings with N+2 or N+3.
  • “man of the release” – with care. Could de-motivate others, and be perceived as unserious, a-la McDonald.
  • NEGATIVE: if nothing special happens after the person has done something special.

Name reputation

  • official company representation at industry events, online forums, tech conferences, standardization bodies.
  • company reputation as leader in technology/innovation.
  • recognition as “subject matter expert” on specific topics.
  • patent filing as inventor.
  • NEGATIVE: not giving the person all the expertise and knowledge needed to play that role.

Material benefits

  • base salary: this is a function of job market. Not a specific motivation lever itself, unless it is far off.
  • job security: important for many risk-averse techies.
  • bonuses: linked to specific events (ex: on time delivery, special effort).
  • good dinners or incentives (experiences in isango! style) on specific events.
  • dinners/incentives on specific events to be shared with family (ex: 100 eur “voucher” for a special dinner with partner).
  • work environment: top quality IT equipment, ergonomic supplies, PDA/blackberry.
  • discount on company’s own products and services.
  • NEGATIVE: finding out on the market that the base salary is too low.

Thanks Daniele!


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