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At the Helm of a Fast Growing Business: Bhavin Turakhia


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – Leonardo Da Vinci”

Business is like a game – 1) Gather the right players, 2) Enable them to make the right decisions most of the time (more often than competition)”

“1) Teach the game – All the players must know how to play the game (Do you wanna play foosball or soccer”

Maverick – Ronaldo [=book recommendation]

The great game of business – Jack [=book recommendation]

“When all employees understand the dynamics of business, everyone can feel and think like each other”

“2) Share the macro vision – All the players are aware of the final objective” [=final destination]

“3) Set near term targets – Each season is broken into multiple games each independent from the other” [=headlight vision]

“4) Keep score – The score is always visible on a public scoreboard” [=visibility/transparency/key-metrics]

“Measure everything”

“Let teams define critical numbers”

“Don’t focus on more than 2-3 critically numbers”

“Keep changing the critical numbers”

“Make a game out of the critical numbers”

“Share your critical numbers every month, week, day, hour, minute with your teams”

Open book management – John Casey [=book recommendation]

“5) Line of sight – Each player can link their actions to the outcome of the game”

“6) Celebrate your Victories – Victory Party!! The simple act is very important”

“7) Align Everyone’s Interests – To the victor[s] belong the spoils”


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  1. Pradeep Pathak says:

    Nice blog HK….really worthy……

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