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The Art of Marketing Your Startup: Mahesh Murthy


“If your product is not insanely great, don’t even bother”

“If you need to advertise, something is wrong!”

“When you don’t have advertising, use pricing as a positioning weapon. It makes competition worse”

“Work on improving the quality of experience of your product”

“Go to conferences, but never pay. Be a speaker”

“Your competency as a marketer is inversely proportional to your marketing budget”

“Be seen as a thought leader”

“You cannot always be successful following a trend. If you are not the first, second or third, get out”

“If you read a trend in the newspaper, you are already too late”

“Trend is the end”

“Do not be expected to be covered in the first 2-3 years of you life. If you do, consider yourself lucky”

“Ctrl C + Ctrl V is not a strategy”

“Market research is crap. Your job is to change the market, not to study it”

“For whatever its worth, charge at least 1 Rupee more than the competition”

“Earning advertising is great. Spending on it is bad”


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One Response

  1. Job Abijah says:

    Thank you so much for these! I’ve printed them out and put them on the fridge at work. Hope the boss doesn’t see them…

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